Cumming Georgia Handy Man Services


Carpentry Exterior

  • When the weather is nice, do you really want to spend time working on your house? Our handymen can build your new deck or power wash and seal your current deck. We can repair gutters, siding, soffits, fascia, windows, doors, columns, railings, stairs and gazebos. You can enjoy your time outside while we do the work for you.

Carpentry Interior

  • Do you need to repair or update the interior of your home? Our handymen are skilled with trim, crown molding, chair rails, wainscoting, shelves, built-in bookcases, window seats, stairs, window trim, fireplace mantels and base molding.


  • We can handle small pours and minor repairs.


  • We can provide a new look by installing new interior and exterior doors. Our highly skilled handymen can install pocket, bi-fold, or french doors. If you like the doors you have but the doors need some work, we can repair any door you have. Do you have a pet that needs easy access in and out of the house? We install pet doors. Did you have new carpet installed and the door is dragging? We can fix it for you. Do you need to upgrade your saftey features? We can install dead bolts.


  • Whether you are building a new room or have a small repair, we can cover your drywall needs. We can hang, tape and mud.



  • If you need help changing a light fixture, outlet or ceiling fan, call us. We can install exterior flood lights or motion sensor lights. Do you have burned-out bulbs that you cannot reach – we’ll get it for you.


  • If you need a new fence installed, it may be more cost effective for you to hire a fence company. We will be happy to refer you to a qualified contractor However, if you have a fence or a gate that needs repair, its more cost effective for you to hire us. We can also power wash, stain or paint your fence.


  • Are you tired of the floor you have? We can install a new floor for you. What if you have already purchased the flooring and simply need someone to install it? Not a problem for our handymen.

Maintenance Inside

  • Take care of your spring maintenace while enjoying the warmer temperatures. With one call to our office, we will have a handyman help you assemble furniture, move furniture, hang pictures, flip a mattress, change light bulbs, change filters, change the batteries in your smoke detectors, install coat hooks, install a new doorbell or simply assist you in your ongoing project.

Maintenance Outside

  • Maintenance is necessary if you want to avoid costly repairs later. Do you really want to get up on a ladder? We will clean your gutters, repair your siding and re-calk your windows. We will install UL tested and fire-rated gutter protecttion system. We can change-out your screens and storm windows or install shutters. Maybe the exterior needs to be cleaned. We will power wash the exterior of your home including your sidewalk and driveway.


  • We are happy to handle a small touch-up or a larger project. We are adept at handling high ceilings and stairwells. On the exterior of your home, be sure to keep a fresh coat of paint or stain on the wood to extend the life of the wood. If there is damage, we can replace it.


  • We can repair small leaks, replace faucets or toilets, install a new shower head, drain your water heater or replace a garbage disposal or an ice maker.


  • We can repair gutters, fascia, and soffits. For all roof repairs and installations we will be happy to recommend a roofing contractor to you.

Attic Stair Installation

  • Would you like to expand your storage capacity? Consider installing retractable stairs to you attic. You can purchase the stairs or we will do it for you. While we’re up there, we can install a solar powered fan, solar light tubes or extra insulation to reduce your heating and cooling bills. We can also install flooring in your attic so you don’t have to worry about a mistep and landing in your family room.


  • Any project around your home, we can do it.


  • If you want to make sure your property is secure, we can help. We can install dead bolts, window locks, a peep hole in the front door, interior and exterior motion sensor lights, and flood lights.

Swing Set Assembly

  • It looked so simple when you bought it. Now it’s home and the kids are driving you crazy because it is still in the box. We can assemble that swing set for you. We can make sense of the grocery bag full of parts and the lengthy assembly instructions that appear to be written in secret code. Retailers sell the sets so cheaply because the price doesn’t include the labor to put them together which can cost as much as the set itself. Before you buy, make sure all the pieces are numbered and marked and be aware of the number of hours suggested for assembly.

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